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engage Prague

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Engage is a world-class marketing conference that brings together one of the most international audiences in the industry. Organized twice a year - once in the US and once in Europe - Engage brings together top marketers, CEOs, CMOs, and social/innovation marketing experts from all around the world. Always featuring top speakers, previous Engage events have had 350-500 in-person attendees, thousands more online, and were always trending topics on Twitter. Engage Prague will be our biggest summit yet, with over 1000 attendees planned, almost all flying in from abroad.

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Engage 2015 in Prague will bring together not only the best speakers, but also educational seminars throughout the 3-day event. A 1-day conference just isn’t enough for such a journey and travel, but adding 2 days of intensive education by world’s leading social marketing experts from Google, Facebook, Socialbakers, and top marketers from your industry will help you be even better at what you do.

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