The Engage Awards

Recognizing the best in social media

The first ever Engage Awards will celebrate the very best in social media from all over the world from 2014. These are not your average awards. We will recognize the best of the best on social based (mainly) on what we do best - data.

We have narrowed the field, but if you want to nominate a brand for any (or all) of the awards below, we’re open to suggestions

  • Socially Devoted

    We’ve been tracking social customer care longer - and better - than anyone in the industry. Brands that respond to at least 65% of Fan questions qualify as Socially Devoted, but obviously that’s just the minimum requirement - we want everyone to strive to do better. The Socially Devoted awards will recognize the brands that did just that - going the extra mile to provide the most effective social customer care in 2014.

    The contenders

  • Smart Storytellers

    Social marketing is all about getting those ever-valuable interactions. Some brands do this much more effectively than others. We set up our Smart Storytellers benchmark to show the brands that have the most-effective publishing strategies and the benefits they are seeing. Who was 2014 Smartest Storyteller? Join us to find out!

    The contenders

  • The Engage 2015 Award

    Doing one thing well is great. Excelling at all things is better. The Engage Award will recognize social’s best from 2014 based on both hard numbers and the opinions of a hand-selected panel of expert judges. We’re looking for great customer care, the smartest storytelling, and, of course, creativity.


    • Thursday May 21, 2020
    • Forum Karlin
    • Prague, Czech Republic